Japanese Auto Auctions - Weekly Schedule

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JU TokyoCAA Tokyo,ChibaCAA Chubu,AichiARAI Oyama,TochigiArai Bayside,KanagawaJU Gifu
Honda AA, TokyoCAA Gifu,AichiBAYAUC,OsakaJU AichiJU FukuokaUSS Gunma
Honda AA,NagoyaCAA Tohoku,IwateLAA Shikoku,EhimeJU KanagawaKCAA YamaguchiUSS Shizuoka
Honda AA,KobeJU SaitamaKCAA Ebino,MiyazakiKCAA ARAI FukuokaUSS Nagoya,AichiUSS Okayama
Honda AA,FukuokaJU ShizuokaHero AA,SaitamaHanaten OsakaUSS SaitamaUSS Kyushu,Saga
Honda AA,HokkaidoJU YamaguchiBCN SaitamaJU FukushimaUSS OsakaJU Nara
Honda AA,SendaiUSS YokohamaUSS Sapporo,HokkaidoSAA HamamatsuJU ChibaHAA Kobe,Hyogo
AucnetJU MieUSS Tohoku,MiyagiUSS TokyoUSS Hokuriku,IshikawaArai Oyama VT,Van Truck
LAA Kansai ChallengeArai Sendai,MiyagiUSS FukuokaJU GunmaJU NiigataNissan NAA Tokyo,Tender
 Orix Kobe,TenderUSS KobeLAA Kansai,HyogoLAA OkayamaNissan NAA Nagoya,Tender
 Orix Sendai,TenderJU IshikawaJU ToyamaJU TochigiNissan NAA Osaka,Tender
 Sapporo AAIAA OsakaZIP OsakaJU MiyagiToyota TAA Yokohama
 NPS Tokyo,TenderJU IbarakiJU HiroshimaJU SapporoJU Yamagata
 NPS Sendai,TenderUSS NiigataLUM Kobe,TenderNissan NAA TokyoJU Miyazaki
 NPS Osaka,TenderOrix Astsugi,TenderNissan NAA NagoyaJU Okinawa 
 NPS Fukuoka,TenderKAA,Kyoto AANissan NAA OsakaHino UT & E Saitama 
 JBA Kobe,BikesJAA Kasai,TokyoIsuzu IMA KobeHino UT & E Kobe 
 Arai Bayside BikesLUM Tokyo,TenderToyota TAA KantoHino UT & E Nationwide 
 Arai Fukuoka,BikesIsuzu IMA Makuhari,TokyoToyota TAA ChubuJBA Yokohama,Bikes 
 JU YamanashiNissan NAA OsakaToyota TAA Tohoku  
 LUM Nagoya,TenderLease Up,FukuokaToyota TAA Hokkaido  
 LUM Fukuoka,TenderJU KumamotoIsuzu IMA Fukuoka  
 JU NaganoJU AkitaSLC Nagoya,Tender  
 SLC KyushuJU OitaSLC Kobe,Tender  
 SLC TokyoJCRA Machines NationwideLease Up Kobe,Tender  
 Toyota TAA,Kinki,Osaka LUM Sapporo,Tender  
 Toyota TAA,Kyushu    
 Toyota TAA,S.Kyushu    
 Toyota TAA,Hiroshima    
 Toyota TAA Shikoku    
 SAA Sapporo    
 Nissan NAA Fukuoka    
 Lease Up Tokyo,Tender    
 Orix Fukuoka,Tender    
 NPS Tochigi,Tender    
 NPS Gifu,Tender    
 NPS Tomakomai,Tender    
 AEP Gifu,Trucks Tender    
 Sakura Trucks,Tender    

Last updated: March 17, 2016

Sundays,Holidays & Specials,One-Price (Fixed Price) Dealer Stocks:

Aucnet Shared Inventory | Auc-Truck Shared Inventory | JAA/HAA Shared Inventory | Isuzu Shared Inventory | TAA/CAA Shared Inventory |
BCN Shared Inventory | JU Shared Inventory | IAA Shared Inventory | One Price | Orix One Price | Auto Auctions One Price | ASNET OnePrice
(Car Shops Trade Stock) | Bargain (Nego) One Price Cars | Mitsubishi One Price | OMAA Osaka Mazda Auto Auctions

Above are all auto auctions live,tenders and one-price held everyday around Japan for a wide range kinds of used cars,trucks and buses.
You can choose from 20,000 to 60,000 units a day or 150,000 on average a week i.e. 7,000,000 units a year! These are at 150 locations dotted around the country making them the largest network to find a variety of stock to suit different buyers. All are genuine units passing stringent third party unbiased checks. It is a well known fact that most pre-owned automobiles in Japan are first sold at the Japanese auto auctions by sellers
and dealers alike as they have the widest audience and safest,fastest methods to trade hands at the most impartial and current market prices.
Also available is price history data for research.

Domestic shops,exporters,professional importers even official dealers source or sell their trade-in units here. Only certified,registered
members with the right credentials,collateral and guarantor,the likes of Japanese Used Car Dealers with a license and storage lot or yard
and a minimum of three years experience are authorized to become members and participate. This precludes regular consumers accessing
these car auctions directly but,we can take you in as a guest instantly! Do not miss this opportunity to tap into this efficient source and system
used by professionals. Plus we offer our two decades of experience. For a Skype demo or further details contact us via:

Note all units are strictly inspected and appraised by independent professional assessors 2 days prior to the auctions for exterior,interior
(cosmetic and mechanical) condition,specifications grade level of vehicle with options,trim standard and non standard parts being listed.
Full vehicle history records are looked at from chassis number,date of registration (year & month), owner history or number of owners,
maintenance,service records and repair logs,accident history,structural damage,rebuilt,modified.flooding,hail,lemon history,odometer reading.
Proper documentation of title,deed of transfer,recycler voucher and registration information such as: lease,loan,financing records checked.
Even the vehicle use purpose e.g.: private,commercial,rented,leased,fleet, taxi is mentioned. Including the recycle voucher. Covering all bases
from the lightest scratch which is hard for a layman find to a detailed quality,condition ranking judgement allocation put on report sheet.

These are a universal standard ranking for all auctions in Japan and the most up-to-date and trusted in the industry thus making it the best
way to buy used vehicles from Japan are at Authorized Auto Auctions. 90% of Japanese used auto trading is done by these auctioneers.
The Auto Auctions in Japan act as mediators for used car dealers. They are very reliable and guided by the Automotive Fair Trade Council
run by the Japanese government. Online auctions now have a plethora of information on thousands of used cars from Japan. So be it even
new cars (once registered) fleet or classics, they are all in the auctions weekly. To view online now contact us via:

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