Costs & Fees :

1. Auction fee minimum Yen 14,000 maximum Yen 27,000
2. Transport minimum Yen 5,000 maximum Yen 30,000
3. Storage free for 2 weeks maximum 3 weeks
4. Customs clearance (includes radiation contamination check) minimum Yen 10,000 maximum Yen 30,000
*not needed if shipped by container,as already included in packing charge
5. Packing minimum Yen 20,000 maximum Yen 50,000
6. Commission (inc dereg,exp ship docs,log,tax,recycl claim) minimum Yen 40,000 maximum Yen 150,000
7. KEBS/QISJ,JAAI,Intertek minimum Yen 18,000 maximum Yen 27,000
8.Transport for KEBS/QISJ,JAAI minimum Yen 2,000 maximum Yen 8,000
9. Insurance 0.7% of F.O.B. maximum C & F

Note :

All charges are per unit for vehicles valued at Yen 500,000 to Yen 1,500,000 and MOQ of 2 units.
These have to be added to the winning price at the auction. Some like # 5 are not needed for RO/RO shipments.
Others like # 7 or # 8 are only necessary if your country import regulations require them.
Also depending on auction company in Japan,your buying volume,the condition of the vehicle,the distance of the auction yard to us,
costs and fees are subject to change.

Details :

Below are detailed explanation of what is covered with each amount :
1. Auction fee is paid to the auction company as their commission.
2. Transportation is paid to a transport company or driver to bring a vehicle from the auction company to our yard.
Auction halls closer to our base in Kobe are cheaper and ones on other islands of Japan have to be ferried.
Here is a list of most major cities that auctions are held at and the transport costs, note,these are bulk rates for dealers :

Tokyo to Kobe Yen 20,000
Yokohama to Kobe Yen 20,000
Saitama to Kobe Yen 20,000
Chiba to Kobe Yen 20,000
Oyama to Kobe Yen 22,000
Ibaraki to Kobe Yen 23,000
Sendai to Kobe Yen 27,000
Sapporo to Kobe Yen 30,000
Niigata to Kobe Yen 30,000
Toyama to Kobe Yen 17,000
Shizuoka to Kobe Yen 16,000
Nagoya to Kobe Yen 10,000
Osaka to Kobe Yen 5,000
Kobe to Kobe Yen 4,000
Okayama to Kobe Yen 10,000
Shikoku to Kobe Yen 15,000
Hiroshima to Kobe Yen 15,000
Fukuoka to Kobe Yen 20,000
Miyazaki to Kobe Yen 23,000
Kagoshima to Kobe Yen 23,000

Any cities/towns not listed please ask us. We provide storage at a high security bonded area yard/warehouse at the port.
Vehicles will be protected from accidents,theft,damage,weather etc from time of purchase till put on board vessel bound to your port.
This is usually 2 to 4 weeks. Customs clearance fee is for Japan customs to process the export of vehicles,parts or machines.
The items,VIN,documents have to be checked by forwarding agents and input into databases before being cleared for export.
This fee covers such and varies on the size of the vehicle or machine.

Note: If shipment is being done by container this fee is already included in our packing charge.
Packing costs cover materials used such as steel frames,straps,hooks,wooden wedges,and labour.
It is based on the number of units in the container which depends on the size of the vehicle and if any extra adjustments are to be made.
This could be lifting units higher or removing rims with tyres,rear outside spare tire,protective covering of the roof etc.
The above in turn makes room for more units. To see pictures,diagrams and discuss details please contact us.

Note: Our packing cost includes the customs clearance fee and moving of empty container to and fro packing yard to shipside.
Commission is our charge for all services rendered from auction access, bidding,buying,logistics within Japan also,
shipping overseas and includes docmentation such as deregistration, export certification,shipping bills and invoices.
For damaged vehicles requiring towing, forklifting please ask us.

We offer from the auctions:
-Three free missed bids
-Three free translations
-Further incentives for dealers with deposit for several units!

Last updated: September 11,2017

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