Terms and Conditions :

Information of yourself must be provided upon commencement of business. This will be used solely for business purposes
and kept confidential. Full name and position of person-in-charge along with company name,full addresses ( if P.O.Box is
used then a physical location address is necessary ) and telephone numbers ( landline and mobile,cellular ) buyer,consignee,
notify names,addresses,telephone numbers for use in documentation and courier packages. should be give to us.
This information should be current and accurate. Any loss or costs for amendments incurred by mistakes or incomplete,
untimely information will be the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer is responsible for fully investigating and inspecting all related documents and descriptions of the vehicle before
purchasing. The buyer is also responsible for investigating and understanding all import laws and registration regulations
set forth by the buyer’s government. This includes import license permits and approvals,year of manufacture limits,engine sizes,
body style,overhang limits,steering wheel side of the vehicle,body types et cetera. Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan has no
knowledge of the rules and regulations of the buyer’s country. The buyer also agrees to be liable for any charges incurred by
sudden changes imposed or the buyer's misinterpretation of import laws of the buyer's country.

Attach a list of your exact requirements with detailed description of make,model,year,km range,colour,option specification,
other preferences which will help us locate the used vehicles in Japan for you quickly and accurately.

Include a brief history of your importing used vehicles experience whether from Japan or not,references and your operation
as a whole,if it is a dealership,retail shop,car lot,repair garage,re-building,engineering factory,service station,wholesale
ourlet,auto parts centre,re-seller,financier,construction contract project etc. Explain how many units you plan to buy per
shipment and if you can buy on monthly basis. This will help us better understand your requirements and serve you in the
best way possible, to take best offers in Japan in the shortest amount of time.

A Skype account and internet usage is a requisite to view auctions online and get demonstrations in English only.

An advance deposit, downpayment by T/T ( PayPal also acceptable in emergency cases ) is necessary for bidding at the
auctions and viewing online auctions and stocks database for more then a week ( access password ).
Minimum is Jp Yen 200,000 per unit. Please note: we the Japanese used autos,supplier, exporter,shipper,Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan may terminate the buyer’s use of such along with our services at any time without providing any reason whatsoever
if we deem it necessary based on the rules of use as will be discussed and demonstrated beforehand.

Bidding is solely done by us,the seller, Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan ( the member of the auctions in Japan ) for you in proxy.
You, the buyer cannot bid under any circumstances. Neither can a third party bid or may not even submit bids on your behalf
unless expressedly given permission to. Unauthorized access by unknown parties will not be permitted.

We, the seller, Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan hold the right to reject to bid on any unit we deem unsuitable for whatever reason.
It may be that such unit is unfit for export to you,the buyer,or you have overlooked certain comments and remarks on the
Japanese auto auctions "condition check sheet" report provided by the auction house inspector before sale or even that such unit
is not within our contract with you,Examples can be, insufficient deposit or goods and services not within what we handle.
Please therefore discuss beforehand all your requirements and market/country regulations in detail with us such as:

  • Year range

  • Engine size

  • Quality,condition standards

  • Mileage range (mostly in kilometres)

  • Complete unit import (CBU) permitted or knock down unit as parts import (CKD,SKD) system

  • Shipping method (RORO or CONTAINERIZED)

  • Export pre-shipment inspection requirements such as JEVIC or JAAI and radiation checks

  • Any other points

  • And the range of services and goods we are willing to handle

Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan will impose discretionary bidding fees on any client abusing our system by submitting numerous
unsuccessful bids or unresonable prices.

You may not without permission copy,recompile,publish,display,upload,transmit,communicate or in any other way exploit to
create derivative works from any part of our website content,text,graphic material and information. All the content on the seller’s
Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan website is intellectual property that belongs to same.

Prices are based on the Japanese Yen in Japan for stocks or auctions and freight if applicable. For US Dollar we will use the
current exchange rate of the day. Your payments if in USD will automatically convert to Japanese Yen on the day of its arrival
in our bank at the rate of the day. Please check if you can buy the Japanese Yen at a better price in your country at your bank,
or money changers.

Hours and days of business, trade discussions, contract conclusion, especially bidding is based on Japan Time
(JST or GMT+0900) and Japan work days. Please see our website page with business hours and the Japanese holiday
calendar as listed here: http://www.nippon-autos.com/working_hours_and_public_holidays_of_japan.htm

All important correspondence ( e.g. orders,bidding requests,shipping instructions,bank receipts,invoices ) must come
in writing by email or . contact us for details here:http://www.nippon-autos.com/contact.html
Telephone requests will not be accepted or processed at any time. Skype is only for discussions and demonstrations.
Scanned emailed or fax documents are acceptable. Clarification may be sought through telephone or any other form of
communication. Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan, the seller is the final arbiter regarding communications in such cases.
These will usually be emergencies. Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan reserves the right to bid up to 30,000 Yen above the
bidder's maximum bid price.

All units bought are from us the seller,Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan are for export only, be it from auctions or stock.
We do not sell locally to other parties or exporters in Japan.

We, our company only,Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe Japan,the seller, will arrange to move units from auction yards,dealer shop lot's
user's plots,garages et cetera to store them and process them for export. This includes the changing of the vehicle's ownership
status and titles,removal of license plates when applicable,coordinate issuing of Bill of Lading from the shipping company
whatever shipping method is used, Roll on/Roll off (RORO),craned on Multi Purpose ships or in containers.

We, our company, Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe Japan,the seller are not liable for demurrages incurred at destination for late pick-up
of your ro-ro vehicles or goods ( e.g. used Japanese cars, trucks or parts ) in a container.

You the buyer agrees that, for the purpose of shipping used vehicles in a container, we the seller/shipper,Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan may detach or dismantle and take off certain parts from the vehicles in order to make the best possible usage
of container space and for the safety of the goods being shipped. In these cases usually only protruding exterior parts
such as commercials and truck antennas,rear outside spare wheels of 4x4,SUVs,grille guards,front and rear bumpers
and wheels of the vehicles are removed,but we reserve the right to detach any other parts if deemed necessary.
All parts detached from the car will be shipped in the same container as the vehicles. Moreover, you the buyer agrees that
for the purposes of packing the goods in the best and safest,most container space maximizing manner we, the seller may put
purchased vehicles on a steel racks or wooded structures,use wood platforms,wood blocks and stoppers,use covering
sponge sheets,adhesive tape and plastic lashings,plastic hose,piping,rope,buckle hooks and nails to secure the units and
deflate tyres. Removal from which may require special tools or aids. The buyer will also be responsible for any costs for
unloading of the container at the port of destination and unloading from the container may be potentially dangerous.
For pictures of packing and details contact us via: http://www.nippon-autos.com/contact.html
Or see: http://www.nippon-autos.com/packing.html

The first three (3) missed bids are gratis (free) per month of business. Every missed bid after that is subject to a
"missed bid fee" of minimum Jp Yen 2,000 or in the case of smaller volume business and wide differences in the bidding price
and actual market (auction sold) price* Jp Yen 3,000.(*current value in Japan,references of similar will be shown pre-purchase)
Please understand that it costs money and time to bid. We are charged by auctions and staff. We expect the buyer to research
correct and recent prices in Japan and be a serious party and partner.

All vehicles are available are on first come first serve basis. Stock is subject to first-come-first-serve basis and availability,
and updating of our website.

All payments are by done T/T (telex or telegraphic transfer,bank-to-bank,wire or swift,funds transfer) and in full in advance.
The buyer also agrees to pay for all and any bank fees and charges that arise in the buyer’s dealings with the seller.
The buyer must send a copy of the remittance receipt either by email ( a scanned copy ) or by fax. Otherwise we,the seller
Nippon Autos Ltd., Kobe, Japan have the right to terminate the contract at any time. All outstanding balances must be cleared
within 3 days after our invoice ( a manually signed sale contract that usually is issued on notification of a successful
bid or procurement of stock unit ) and emailed ( a scanned copy ) or faxed to you. Or, if there are several units a week before
the cargo is put on board i.e. prior to shipment. If payments reach late the vehicles will be sold. Part payment,down payments,
advance deposits are accepted but,no vehicle will be shipped until full payment is received and all outstanding balances
are cleared prior to shipment.

The seller,Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan will make its best efforts to book space on the first available vessel bound
for the buyer’s chosen destination seaport and will, once the booking ( or tentative booking ) is made – inform the
buyer of the estimated delivery date and shipping company details. Note: shipping schedules vary depending on availability
of vessel space and the number of vessels planned by the shipping company to make port calls to the buyer's region.

The seller,Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan does however reserve the right to change the delivery schedule at any time due
to the transporter’s reasons.

Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan,the seller, is not responsible for any delay in shipping.

Our flat fees and charges,wholesale prices are only for bulk buying (minimum order 2 units) and repeat (monthly) customers.
A certain percentage discount is offered on bulk or bundle purchase. The percentage differs according to the number of units
purchased,the greater the number of units purchased,the higher the discount percentage. Note: dealer rates are only available
after we have your dealership details.

Refunds of any payments such as advance payments due to a deal not be realized or compensation for claims are subject
to a deduction of 20,000 Japanese Yen as administration fees and 10,000 Japanese Yen for bank charges. All payments
will be made by either bank transfer ( T/T ) to the originating bank or by bank draft ( cheque ) in Japanese Yen or U.S.Dollar.
However, in the case of cancellation of a vehicle a further cancellation charge of 50,000 Japanese Yen and any depreciation
of the vehicle will arise. We do our best to keep these costs at reasonable levels. Unreasonable claims will not be accepted.

Once the full payment or outstanding payment is received the following basic related documentation,in orginal and manually
signed, necessary to clear the vehicle at the destination port is issued. We the seller will send the original copies to you,the buyer
or your nominated agent ( customs broker / freight forwarder ) who you have to intimate us in writing with full details (any mistakes
will be at your cost) by email or fax (verbal telephone information is not accepted) via EMS (express registered) post package
or express courier package after the vessel has sailed out of the Japanese port and the shipping company or its agency has
issued the B/L ( Bill of Lading ) which is usually within 1 to 3 working days,note: exclude national,public holidays and weekends:
1.B/L ( Bill of Lading )
2. Invoice
3. Export De-Registration Certificate of title of the vehicle ( with translation of the deregistration certificate if necessary )
4. Invoice ( commercial or without breakdown of costs )
5. Other required documents the buyer requires at destination for local custom clearance
( such as JAAI, JEVIC, MAF, Contamination, Radition or any other inspection )
Any extra documentation needed such as individual B/Ls ( Bills of Lading ) for each vehicle,Certificate of Origin issued by the
Kobe Chamber of Commerce,Engine Numbers will be an addition cost of 3,000 to 10,000 Japanese Yen per unit or shipment
to be borne by the buyer. Please discuss before purchase and shipment by contacting our sales staff here:

(a)The buyer must inform us before purchase and before shipment of all and every exact document required by the
destination country of the vehicle for import custom clearance. Any extra documents needed after purchase or after shipment
will be at the buyer's cost with for extra fees.
(b) Last minute changes,additions,deletions,shipping styles, pricing, extras service, goods, documents can be subject to
a penalty charge in Japan. Therefore every aspect of a shipment should discussed as much as possible in advance.

Draft copies of the above mentioned shipping documents with details of units, quantities, models, codes,chassis or serial
numbers, makes, year, weight, fuel type,body weight,colour, size and consignee address and contact telephone number
along with name,address,telephone number of notify parties,forwarding agents,customs brokers,ship company representatives
will be sent to you by email ( scanned copies ) or by fax beforehand just after the ship sails from Japan. The buyer has to make
sure that all the shipping documents are correctly prepared and in order as per requirements and confirm with us as soon as
possible. Any late requests for amendments and additional documentation are subject to extra fees.

Vehicles listed are used,secondhand therefore a certain tolerance of the general condition of the vehicle has to be considered.
Used cars,trucks,machines usually have marginal defects therefore expect wear and tear and not new vehicles. All pre-owned
vehicles are described on our website as accurately as possible,with all consequent details or conditions usually visible on
auction data reports. All vehicles are sold under the term“As Is”and "As Available" basis and except for cleaning and testing
no reconditioning, repairing is included unless requested. We the seller, Nippon Autos Ltd., Kobe Japan are not responsible
for any damage to the vehicle (e.g. scratches and dents) that may occur while the purchased vehicle is loaded on or off onto
or into vessels or containers in order to ship it to the buyer,or while the vehicle is being transferred to the port or from the port
to its final destination. All parties selected to be involved such as the transporters,customs broker,stevedores and shipping
companies are professional however, light scratches and dents may still occur.

Brand new vehicles that are eligible for export from Japan have to legally undergo a Registration Cancellation Process after
which they may appear to be used vehicles in documents. The process involves paying non-refundable taxes such as road
tax and proving of parking space which rent for a few months has to be paid up front even if not used. Other admistration fees
and registration will apply. Our recommendation is to buy pre-registered or de-registered new or slightly used new or late
model cars from the auctions offered by dealers who have quotas for such.

Regarding warranties,guarantees or claims please contact our sales representative to get more information at:
We make no representations of validity,accuracy,quality or other problems with the information,products and services provided
except warranty expressly stated herein. If a vehicle’s option is not mentioned in the specification or extras of the vehicle is not
functioning properly it is not liable for any refund. Vehicles at auction companies are not in the possession of Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan.Condition and grading are assessed by staff employed at the auction houses with no connection to Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan. We can further inspect vehicles on the buyer's request which sometimes extra charges apply,but our reports,photos,
verbal descriptions does not equal an absolute guarantee. Till the end,the buyer purchases at his or her own risk or caveat emptor.
It should be noted that all items traded are used,secondhand,including for nearly new items. Flaws,damages,scratches,dents,
misinterpretation of specifications and misunderstanding of condition do occour. We are here to offer our best guidance and
constantly keep updated on current trends in the Japanese used auto industry.

Please note auction houses only entertain any claim within 3 days which is usually the time it takes the vehicle to be transported
to our storage yard from the auction hall. They accept no claim whosoever be it for the vehicle itself or documentation thereafter
whatever the quality grade or condition ranking. We, the vendor and the shipper, Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan always check
and photograph all vehicles as soon as they arrive in our storage yard and immediately send you the buyer a report with attached
photographs. Upon receipt of such it is the buyer's resposiblilty if any abnormalities are present to notify us immediately.
We will then examine the case and claim the auction house as soon as possible. It must be noted here,that auction companies
provide no guarantee of condition and accept no claims for accident, repaired or modified cars.

Fixed price vehicles ( One Price Stock ) are not in the possession of Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan and may not been inspected
by us. Condition and grading are assessed by auction house staff if at an auction house, and by individual car dealers or
professional dispatch inspection companies if at a dealership, private car shop etc. with no connection to Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan.As such. we the exporter offer no warranty or guarantee of condition,and the purchaser buys at his or her own risk.

The buyer also agrees that he will notify the seller about any items he believes to be wrong or missing ( i.e. which should have
been a certain specification but is otherwise and/or should have been shipped but was not shipped ) within 3 days of having
taken delivery of his purchase.

The Terms and Conditions of sales comply with the Japanese laws,and conform to rules and regulations pertaining to automobile
export trading. As such enactment, validity, interpretation, and execution of these Terms and Conditions are subject to the
Japanese automobile export trading laws,rules and regulations only. Should any dispute between the buyer and seller occur with
regards to the goods or service the parties concerned must agree to attempt to settle such disputes first through dialogue in a
most sincere manner. In case, if the dispute fails to be resolved through dialogue between the concerned parties,then the Kobe,
Hyogo District Court in Japan holds original and exclusive jurisdiction over resolution of the dispute. A contract of sale with
Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan,and all agreements shall
be governed by the laws of the Japan Jurisdiction only. The buyer agrees not to violate any applicable local law or Japanese law
and also agrees that in case of conflict, Japanese law takes precedence.

The buyer understands that all illegal actions are prohibited.

Under no circumstances shall we the seller, Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan be held liable or are responsible for such events
as acts of God,storm,downpour,flood,hail,earthquake,fires,explosions,war,riots,insurrections,civil disturbances,labour actions,
labour disputes,strikes,shortages of labour or materials,governmental actions,orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals
or non-performance of third parties,internet failures,computer, telecommunications or any other equipment failures,electrical
power failures,delay or failure or disruption of the content or services delivered resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature
or anything beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to: differences in regulations between Japan and the buyer's
country; any errors or damage caused by auction houses,transporters,shipping companies and shipping agents;shipping
availability and schedules; any costs and/or expenses incurred; mechanical and/or electronic failures;corrosion;exchange rates;
forces or causes beyond our reasonable control,force majeure cas fortuit or casus fortuitus "chance occurrence, unavoidable
accident" flooding,war etc.

If Marine Insurance is provided the claimable value should be evaluated for damages valuing to JPY 30,000 or more.

As the rules and regulations of governments bodies,customs,shipping companies,auction houses,banks might change time
to time, please note that Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan terms of trade could also be updated without any prior notice.
If any provision of this contract is later held invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid. Nippon Autos Ltd.,
Kobe,Japan reserves the right to modify and update these terms and conditions and terms of use at any time without notice.
Please therefore review the agreement periodically. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Nippon Autos Ltd.,Kobe,Japan reserves the right at all times to disclose any information deemed necessary to satisfy any
applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request.

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